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CRYSTALYX Blueprint® Buffer-lyx®

CRYSTALYX Blueprint® Buffer-lyx®

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CRYSTALYX Blueprint BUFFER-LYX is a unique, nutrient dense, formulation specifically designed for lactating dairy cows that have the potential for experiencing subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA). BUFFER-LYX is formulated with rumen buffering ingredients to maintain maximum levels of feed intake and promote increased milk production while minimizing disorders often associated with high-producing dairy cows. Blueprint Buffer-lyx is also fortified with all highly bioavailable organic trace minerals and contains no inorganic trace mineral forms.

 250# Steel Barrel

Nutrition Information

Crude Fat, Min


Crude Fiber, Max


Acid Detergent Fiber, Max 2.50%
Calcium, Min


Calcium, Max


Salt, Min

None Added

Magnesium, Min


Potassium, Min


Copper, Min

100 ppm

Iodine, Min

50 ppm

Selenium, Min

11.8 ppm

Zinc, Min

300 ppm

Vitamin A, Min

50,000 IU/lb

Vitamin D-3, Min

5,000 IU/lb

Vitamin E, Min

50 IU/lb



Active Ingredients


Areas of use

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